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Óscar Fuertes Astara Team

Interview with Óscar Fuertes, Astara Team driver: “In this break we are not going to defend; we are going to attack”

Óscar Fuertes evaluates the first week of competition in the Dakar 2022 and cannot be more optimistic. “When everything works like this, what we have to do is celebrate. Not too much, because we have a second part left, but of course we have to celebrate this start,” commented the Astara Team driver.

Óscar is also delighted with the performance and reliability of the 01 Concept powered by e-fuel. In this sense, he emphasizes that “For us it is a sensational laboratory (…) in terms of understanding not only sustainable motorsport but also everything that we are learning, how we understand sustainable mobility better (…) and how we measure it.”

Looking ahead to the second part of the Dakar, Óscar Fuertes says that the team will take advantage of the circumstances and that it will take more risks. “In this break we are not going to defend; we are going to attack.



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