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Although it may sound like a metaphor, it is an indisputable fact: the world is moving at an incredible speed. Did you know that to complete its orbit around the sun each year, the Earth travels at 108,000 km/h and in order to completely rotate on its own axis each day it travels at 1,670 km/h? However, we don’t even notice how fast it’s moving.

The world moves, changes, evolves and we don’t even realize it, but it is in our hands whether we want to be actors or merely spectators. At ASTARA we decided from the first moment that we want to take the reins and lead the transformation, blaze the trail, offer solutions, take decisions, face challenges and innovate.

The ASTARA TEAM’s participation in the Dakar 2022 was the start of a long-term journey, not just a momentary adventure. Using our own resources rationally, we are tackling this challenge as a metaphor about the difficulties inherent to learning from experience, but we’re not doing so carelessly, naïvely, unconsciously or irresponsibly. That’s why we have selected a vehicle powered by e-fuel.

ASTARA is present in 17 countries in Europe, LATAM and South East Asia, has a diverse team of over 25 nationalities and is leading the transformation of the mobility sector. Its business approach is based on combining knowledge and experience with a wide range of products and services that optimise the way people move. Combined knowledge and expertise in mobility and data intelligence enables Astara to identify, understand and meet the needs of users and businesses in this sector, including all ownership options (distribution), subscription, vehicle connectivity, and consultancy, providing the most advanced and innovative technology, with a clear commitment to sustainability.

Furthermore, Dakar is the perfect stage for ASTARA because it allows to each and every one of the values that define and represent us to the test: passion, generosity, daring, innovation, team spirit, capacity for adaptation, working together to overcome problems and learning from each guess and each error…

At ASTARA we have a purpose: enable people to go further. We want people to broaden their horizons and overcome their limits. That’s why our motto is For the love of movement. We are committed to smart, integrated mobility solutions that enable us to shape the way we move today and how we will move tomorrow. We strive for responsible, sustainable mobility which optimizes the use of resources and which we can fairly measure in order to know and offset our environmental impact.

We should recall that the concern for the carbon footprint as we understand it today started in the 1990s when the Swiss mechanical engineer Mathis Wackernagel defined the concept of ecological footprint. His definition centered on the amount of resources to produce the goods and services necessary that allow us to maintain our current life style.

Like last year, we will use sustainable fuel in the racing cars, but now our ASTARA 01 will use a 90% sustainable fuel mixture (compared to 70% last year). Moreover, we will once again measure and offset our carbon footprint, but this time we will do it with the most demanding scope possible.

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